SPP “Busted” - Now Called NASRA. It’S Time To Call A Halt To The SPP!!

Posted on Wednesday, April 30 at 08:57 by NAUWATCH
North American Standards and Regulatory Area, NASRA
SPP “Busted” - Now Called NASRA. It’s Time to Call a Halt to the SPP!!
 By Tom Deweese  Saturday, April 26, 2008

The “Three Amigos” are attempting an old-fashioned switcheroo, much like the 1930’s grifters portrayed by Newman and Redford in “The Sting.”

Frustrated that alert and clear-thinking Americans and Canadians see the nefarious purposes behind the “Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America (SPP),” President Bush has apparently concluded “that dog won’t hunt” - at least not under the moniker of “SPP.” In a surprisingly simple-minded approach, the President has apparently decided changing a skunk’s name changes the fact that it still stinks. Shame on President Bush! If he weren’t up to his neck in treachery, he would not need to hide his activities from the nation.

Last year’s secret SPP summit meeting in Montebello focused on finding ways to get the people to swallow the idea of the collaboration leading to the North American Union, and to quiet its critics. Presumably, these were the topics of discussion when members of the North American Competitiveness Council (NACC) met with the leaders behind closed doors. The NACC is a largely secretive advisory council to the SPP consisting of representatives of such companies as Wal Mart, Chevron Oil, and Lockheed-Martin.

An internal memo from Canada’s Foreign Affairs and Internal Trade ministry documents that the NACC was urged to launch a public relations campaign to counter growing criticism of the trilateral cooperative that is a cornerstone of the building North American Union. According to the memo, “Leaders discussed some of the difficulties of the SPP, including the lack of popular support and the failure of the public to understand the competitive challenges confronting North America.” The memo emphasized the “NACC members should (play) a role in communicating the merits of North American collaboration.” Am I the only one who remembers the definition of “collaboration,” at least as it applies to nations and their citizens?


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