Harper's Silence On Middle East Politically Calculated, Experts Say

Posted on Thursday, January 08 at 23:17 by NAUWATCH

The Canadian government's hesitant and cautious response to the crisis between Israel and Gaza will likely remain unchanged with no commitment of aid or any forceful statement from the prime minister, experts and insiders say.

Nearly two weeks into the crisis, it is Foreign Minister Lawrence Cannon who has twice voiced Canada's position on the unfolding crisis, joining an outpouring of statements and comments flooding the international community since Israeli attacks on Gaza started on Dec. 27.

"We urge renewed international diplomatic efforts to achieve a sustainable and durable ceasefire, starting with the halting of all rocket attacks on Israel," Mr. Cannon said on Jan. 4 in the only official statement released by the Department of Foreign Affairs. "Canada maintains that the rocket attacks are the cause of this crisis."


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