Will America Survive Under NAFTA?

Posted on Tuesday, January 13 at 09:52 by NAUWATCH

NAFTA went into effect on January 1st, 1994 as a means to ease trade restrictions between Canada, Mexico and the United States, but what it actually is, we can no longer ignore. The idea that other countries would participate under NAFTA would create a union capable of equalizing the purchasing power with one currency, and ideally....goods from anyone of those countries would be the same price. 

The problem with that theory is the cost of living factor and the inflation rates of each country as it relates to each other. Only a few countries participate under NAFTA, but with special restrictions. Chile negotiated three separate bilateral agreements concerning restrictions to liberalization of their industries and regulation of environmental protection. Jamaica, Trinidad, and Tobago have similar agreements. Most other countries want nothing to do with NAFTA.....


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