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Posted on Sunday, August 16 at 13:43 by Wayne Coady

Our nation has been locked in a retro position by Herr Harper who was put in place by his friends in Washington … they look at Canada as an unlimited provider of raw materials , especially oil, to fuel their flagging imperialism throughout the world … even as their war machine in Afghanistan claims more lives.
There is a family of organized criminals who have managed to infiltrate governments all over the world and are gradually eroding what we had been led to believe was a democracy. Through manipulation of events and contributions from a pliant “news” media, owned by friends within the inner circle, the majority has been “dumbed down” into becoming quiet, compliant and dependent on leadership that doesn’t exist anymore.

Get Back, Get Back To Where You Once Belonged
(that's the goal)

Which brings me to thinking that, as we approach the anniversary of WOODSTOCK and all of the societal changes it inspired, there are concerted efforts to get us back ( and then some) to a Dickensian time of frightening proportions.

After WOODSTOCK, there was this admonition from the young to their contemporaries: “Don’t trust anyone over the age of thirty!”

With little updating, that old phrase is as applicable today. The reference to age is arbitrary and outmoded within the context of current events.

Everyone would do well to remember and follow this … DO NOT TRUST THE MAJORITY OF POLITICIANS AND POLITICAL LEADERS. Add to that “Believe nothing you hear and less than half of what you see.” In this age of technology, computers, and Photoshop … your perceptions are being manipulated by sneaky people whose agenda is NOT in your best interests. (see "transit tax",above)

Your self-assurance and sense of continuity is being challenged and changed through fear of … “terrorists”, swine flu, an unstable economy, “ global warming” and on and on. All of these exacerbated by people in the “media” trying to outdo each other (or be replaced, themselves) with the most fearful accounts of cataclysmic disasters ( real and conjured) that they can find.

Now I know what the late President of the United States, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, meant when he made the memorable and (calculated) statement, ”We have nothing to fear but fear itself.”

Don’t be too quick to buy the very exotic and high priced bullshit you are being fed by your political leaders and the politicians “you” elected. They are pumping out that “fear” that FDR warned about.
Believe and trust in YOURSELF.

When I started this, I had other directions in mind. I could continue and cover those other areas but they will keep. More importantly, I hope I made my point to each and every reader … don ’t let the bastards wear you down. FIGHT THEM, get close enough to get inside their heads but, NEVER trust them. Question everything seven ways from Sunday.

While your mind is in WOODSTOCK, give some thought to the Joni Mitchell song that Buffy Sainte-Marie had a big hit on.

“The Circle Game” describes politics in Nova Scotia and the ever-hopeful people, that still blindly bother to vote, who were under the delusion they were getting something different by electing an NDP government. These guys lie lower than Harper when it comes to keeping profiles. The reality? Nothing new.

Already, a young man has died while waiting for “EMERGENCY” treatment at that fancy (expensive) ER that Rodney got to make such a big media event with before the election. YOU never learn do ya?

Oh, by the way, Rampant Rodney (MacDonald) has decided to leave politics to … get ready for it” SPEND TIME WITH HIS FAMILY”. This is the usual BULLSHIT these monkeys always trot out when things get HOT … or not. He’s really waiting for his Fuhrer, Harper, to bestow a Senate appointment on him … so WE can continue to keep him in the life style he became accustomed to while premier of Nova Scotia. Not to mention there’s a bigger selection of “stuff” in Ottawa that appeals to the fiddle diddler.

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  1. Wed Aug 19, 2009 1:56 pm
    Right on Deep throat going to bed with a politician is like going to bed with a porcupine sooner or later you will get the prick. Speaking of pricks the one thats leading BC right now is wiping out the province .Sooner or later the Revolution will start it will not be started or caused by public action it will be foisted upon us by the very despots that were elected by those foolish enough to vote or be registered to vote .

  2. Thu Aug 20, 2009 1:56 am
    Now hiring- politicians. Federal, provincial, municipal. All party alliances! Qualifications: Must be sociopath and/ or psychopath. Must have inflated ego with inflated sense of entitlement. Grovelling under the desks of bankers and corporate boardrooms an asset. Kleptomania also an asset. Must have good deception skills, preferrably executed with straight face. Must be indifferent to the suffering of overseas war victims and people in poverty. Experience in enjoying suffering of others preferred. Submit your resume to the reptile resources department of the Rothchild-Rockefeller-Illuminati firm.

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