Officers Accused Of Inciting Violence To Testify Before Police Ethics Panel

Posted on Tuesday, October 27 at 09:07 by NAUWATCH

Three undercover officers accused of inciting protesters to attack riot police at the 2007 North American leaders summit in Montebello are being summoned to testify before Quebec's independent police ethics committee.

The decision from the committee released this week overrules an independent review that exonerated the officers. It also comes more than two years after the black-clad trio were first exposed on YouTube.

Dave Coles, the union leader who confronted the men at the time and filed a complaint against the police, said a public inquiry is needed to determine whether they were acting on orders from federal officials. 

Mr. Coles said he suspects an inquiry would find there was political involvement, predicting a repeat of the findings of an inquiry into the police pepper spray tactics at Vancouver's 1997 APEC summit. That inquiry led to the resignation of solicitor-general Andy Scott, and concluded that Liberal prime minister Jean Chrétien's office played an “improper role” in instructing police to use force on protesters.

“This is the big question: Who sent them in?” asked Mr. Coles, the president of the Communications, Energy and Paperworkers Union. “And don't give me some lame excuse that it was a low-level officer.”

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