No Prorogation Rally - Wolfville - All About Good Government

Posted on Thursday, February 04 at 09:26 by Janet M Eaton

 Wolfville hosts cross-Canada rally all about good government

 Dozens of locals turned out to add their voice in Wolfville to anti-proroguement rallies across Canada January 23. M.Slipp View all pictures Wolfville hosts cross-Canada rally all about good government


Kings County Register 


 Billed as a public discussion and “speak out for democracy,” the session was designed to allow all citizens, sitting in a circle, to share their concerns and offer suggestions for change.

  Co-organizer Janet Eaton said the protest wasn’t just about proroguation, but to set in context “what’s been happening for the last four years.”

 Eighteen-year-old university student Jennifer Parlee said, “young Canadians know what democracy is and the country wants it.”

 She stated the government had descended to petty and personal political ploys.

 “Some politicians need to put their differences aside and make the country better,” she added.

 Ninety-three-year-old Mary Ganong said she’d lived through many governments, and remembers especially the Duplessis regime in Quebec.

 “We need to meet more often and let them know how we feel,” she added.

 Evoking padlocks against unions and police goons, she said, Harper’s tactics are requiring Canadians to get up on their hind legs and scream lest they lose their rights.

 Brennan Vogel called for electoral reform, since only 37 per cent of voters elected the Conservatives; and boosted the notion of proportional representation.

 Kings-Hants MP Scott Brison told the gathering Prime Minister Stephen Harper had cynically gambled Canadians would not respond to his decision to shut down parliament.

He gambled wrong. Canadians want a Parliament that works, one that works for Canadians. When Harper shows disrespect for Parliament, he shows disrespect for the Canadians who chose it.”

Brison noted Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff has proposed a parliamentary reform package that will prevent a prime minister from abusing the proroguation tool in the future. Liberal MPs are working,” he said later, January 25.

"I am in Ottawa today with Liberal MPs from across Canada with economic experts to develop policy ideas to address unemployment, youth unemployment and to create the jobs of tomorrow.”

The Wolfville Raging Grannies performed three songs about Harper’s prorogation.

It was clear from the beginning that citizens had come prepared to talk not only about immediate problem of prorogation, but long-term concerns and solutions as well,” noted Eaton.

 All recommendations were recorded, as organizers compiled a list of actions for possible follow up.

 At the end of the more than two-and-one-half-hour session, the group decided it would continue meeting as a kind of “citizens’ assembly,” possibly every two weeks until the next election at least. February. 6, 1 p.m., was selected for the next event.

 Wolfville was one of approximately 60 communities across Canada where citizens gathered to protest the prorogation of Parliament. The anti-prorogation movement gained momentum after a Facebook group formed to oppose Harper's decision to prorogue Parliament - for the second time. More than 210,000 people have joined the site.












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