Absolute Proof Canada Is No Longer A Democracy

Posted on Monday, April 12 at 08:38 by Scout


Continued at http://therichardtriggcase.webs.com/lettertoscc.htm




Ryan Gilles Trigg
c/o Frederick Trigg
146 Autumn Circle S.E.
Calgary, AB T3M 0J7
Fax: 403-212-1486





January 14, 2010



Supreme Court of Canada
301 Wellington Street
Ottawa, Ontario
K1A 0J1




Dear Madam Chief Justice McLachlin:

This letter is to request that the obviously false, one-sided, distorted and unjustly defamatory summary grossly misrepresenting the facts of my Application for Leave to Appeal that this court, in violation of Canadian law, published on the Supreme Court of Canada website be immediately corrected so that it reports only accurate facts, based on the complete evidence submitted to this court, of both sides of the issues of my Application for Leave to Appeal, including the circumstances surrounding the particular events reported, in a fair and impartial manner in accordance with the very law established by this court, including by you personally Chief Justice McLachlin, to justly correct the public record and prevent causing me further harm.

The Supreme Court of Canada website reports, “Case summaries are prepared by the Office of the Registrar of the Supreme Court of Canada (Law Branch) for information purposes only.”. Clearly when a court, and especially this court, publishes information, the public trusts it to be accurate, more than information published by any other source, establishing that courts have an even greater responsibility than the press and others engaged in communicating with the public to act in accordance with the law established by this court by only publishing accurate facts about cases that report both sides of the dispute fairly and provide the context in which statements are made and the circumstances surrounding the particular events reported, having regard to the unjustified injury to reputation that false statements published by a court can cause.


Attention: Madam Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin

Re: Ryan Trigg, an Infant by his Next Friend, Kelly Marie Richard v. Dr. C. Todd Lee-Knight and Dr. Barry Hoffman - Docket: # 33391



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  1. by RickW
    Tue Apr 13, 2010 3:28 am

  2. by avatar Scout
    Tue Apr 13, 2010 3:33 am
    This may very well explain what's happening in BC courts...
    http://www.cgi.com/web/en/media_room/me ... 06/406.htm

  3. by avatar Scout
    Tue Apr 13, 2010 8:43 pm

  4. Tue Apr 13, 2010 11:48 pm
    One could always take notes, then post them on the internet ,under an alias, what you see, regardless of any court imposed restrictions.

  5. by avatar Scout
    Wed Apr 14, 2010 12:07 am
    Clearly you have not viewed the very substantial and damning evidence I have posted proving what my son reported in his letter as what you have written in no way addresses the extreme injustice done to my sons and I and the extreme corruption behind it that is very seriously negatively affecting all Canadians...or maybe you simply didn't read the entire letter and view the evidence???

  6. by avatar Scout
    Wed Apr 14, 2010 12:21 pm
    Sir, you just did me and the extremely important evidence I just posted a serious disservice and I ask you to stop and think about it, as you are guilty of the very complacency you have referred to...I just published extremely important amd damning evidence of the nature that has never been made public before in this country, to my knowledge, proving beyond any doubt that our courts, government and law enforcement is seriously corrupt and don't give a damn about Canadians or our rights or well being or the law and exposing serious injustice done to an innocent vulnerable woman and 2 children that were severely injured by a health professional that the evidence proves injured them intentionally and then were harassed and threatened and further harmed by those that are responsible for helping and protecting Canadians and their rights, etc...and that's all you have to say? Why don't you lead the way and take action to help my sons and I and expose this serious injustice and protect Canada and Canadians? Why don't all of those involved with this website and that have viewed this very important evidence do the same? What good is this website if you all do nothing when someone presents very important evidence to you that our country is very seriously corrupt and innocent Canadians are being seriously harmed by this corruption? "All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing." "There are two kinds of evil people in this world: those who commit evil acts and those who see evil but do nothing to stop it."

  7. by avatar Scout
    Wed Apr 14, 2010 3:00 pm
    For those people who don't seem to be concerned enough about our democracy in Canada or their fellow Canadians or their own rights and safety to read the entire letter I posted or to view the undeniable evidence proving everything reported in the letter I posted, despite what I reported about it, showing the very complacency that many complain about on this website, I would like to point out that I published evidence proving beyond any doubt the following...

    - A Canadian health professional, an orthodontist, Dr. C. Todd Lee-Knight, unlawfully intentionally severely injured and mutilated a Canadian woman and her 2 children while conducting unlawful unethical research he is paid to do in his private practice for the University of Alberta, and the evidence proves there were other Canadians injured by this criminal activity as well.

    - This severely injured Canadian woman, a single mother, and her 2 severely injured children were then denied the treatment they urgently needed to treat the severe injuries unlawfully caused to them and were left suffering in severe pain and suffering further injury because of an unlawful plot by CGI, who represents this health professional's insurance company and is involved in a major partnership with the Alberta Government and Canadian government, to cover up that a Canadian health professional had unlawfully intentionally severely injured them.

    - CGI, a megacorporation that has $100's of millions of dollars in contracts with almost every, if not every by now, government and public service department in Canada that involves CGI employees running these departments and working in this departments, managing Canadians private and personal information held and managed by these government and public service departments, then had an orthodontist call this seriously injured woman and 2 children who were suffering in severe pain and being denied treatment as part of a cover up they were responsible for and had him lie and promise to help them only to turn around and refer them to a psychologist impersonating a dental professional as part of an unlawful plot to falsify this severely injured woman's health records and fraudulently have her labelled as mentally ill to discredit her and obstruct justice, including this psychologist, Dr. Stuart Donaldson, while impersonating a dentist, calling up a doctor this woman was going to see for pain medication for the severe dental injuries she was suffering with, and telling him that he was her psychologist and she was being uncooperative with psychotherapy and asking this doctor to give her strong psychotropic drugs to incapacitate her so she would cooperate with him, which was all a lie as the evidence clearly proves.

    - Then when this woman and her family uncovered this outrageous plot to falsely label her as mentally ill, falsify her health records and drug her, etc... to obstruct justice and had the evidence proving it and confronted those involved with this evidence, CGI then used it's contracts and substantial relationship with the Alberta Government to subject this innocent severely injured woman and her children to a fraudulent child protection investigation that involved unlawfully harassing and threatening this severely injured woman and her severely injured children, still being denied treatment, to continue their attempts to cover up the serious injustice done to them, which this woman and her children further obtained the evidence proving.

    - Then CGI falsified this Canadian woman's Alberta Health and Wellness records and CPP records and attempted to use her CPP Disability application to have her unlawfully forced to submit to a psychiatric exam to further attempt to fraudulently discredit her and wrongfully commit her as part of the cover up, telling her she wouldn't get CPP disability unless she submitted to this psychiatric exam despite this having nothing at all to do with her claim for CPP disability based on the severe dental injuries Dr. C. Todd Lee-Knight and Dr. Barry Hoffman caused her, which this woman, me, Kelly Marie Richard, fought against, taking my complaint to a review tribunal panel made up of Ms. Isha Khan, a lawyer, Dr. Lauretta Pereles, a doctor, and Mr. Barry Rust, a member of the public,that decided in my favour as the audio tape of the hearing I have proves, deciding there was no reason to force me to submit to a psychiatric exam and reporting they found me to be a credible and forthright witness, despite a lawyer from the Canadian Department of Justice, that CGI have major contracts with, showing up to fight against me, only to have CGI obtain a contract with the Commission for Review Tribunals right at the time of my hearing and falsify the final report from this appeal and hearing, which failed to have the signitures of the panel members on it or any signiture on it, establishing who was responsible for this report, despite it's obvious importance, denying me the CPP disability compensation I mandatorily had to pay for and was entitled to, to further interfere with my being able to prove what was unlawfully done to my sons and I and further interfere with us being able to pay for the extremely expensive treatment we needed to treat the severe injuries caused to us and to cause me further financial difficulties to interfere with my being able to pursue justice, all to unlawfully obstruct justice.

    - I further have evidence proving that CGI unlawfully used their contracts with the public sector in Calgary to send an ambulance and the police to my home to attempt to have me unlawfully taken away and wrongfully committed after I began writing letters about the injustice being done to my sons and I, telling the police to force their way into my home...which seriously scared my sons and I and resulted in the paramedics determining I was perfectly fine and that there was no reason to take me away and commit me and one of the police officer's, a woman named Kelly of the Calgary police force, protecting me from the other police officer who was on the phone with CGI being told to take me away even though the paramedics and police officer "Kelly" had determined I as fine, which outrageously the city of Calgary then billed me for but then withdrew the bill when I pointed out this entire incident was fraudulent and harassment, which again I have the evidence proving.

    - Then when I filed a complaint with the RCMP requesting they investigate the substantial evidence we have proving CGI unlawfully used their government contract positions to falsify my health records, etc...to obstruct justice and to subject my sons and I to a fraudulent child protection investigation, unlawfully harassing and threatening us to obstruct justice, etc., and further requested CTV News to investigate the evidence we have proving this, who committed to doing a story about it based on the evidence the evidence I have published proves, the evidence further proves CGI's lawyer, Alan Rudakoff, immediately interfered with these investigations and threatened to get revenge against me for filing this complaint with the RCMP, etc... unlawfully threatening a witness with evidence of a crime, including CGI's lawyer threatening that they were going to have me unlawfully wrongfully committed to shut me up, which the evidence proves they spent years unlawfully attempting to do.

    - The evidence I published further proves the Alberta Courts, including the head of the court Associate Chief Justice Neil Wittmann, and many judges closely associated with him, then conspired with CGI to assist CGI in unlawfully using our dental malpractice lawsuit to attempt to have me wrongfully committed as part of a cover up, further threatening and harassing me and my sons for years and subjecting us to further injustice,including falsifying the court records, including the court transcripts of the proceedings for our case, which we have the undeniable evidence proving and I posted, which we reported to every government official and department possible seeking help, but not one of them helped my sons and I, despite the substantial undeniable evidence proving what was being done to and had been done to us.

    - Further the evidence proves the RCMP harassed and threatened us to assist CGI, after refusing to help us despite the evidence we had proving all we reported to them, and when we submitted the evidence proving all this very serious injustice done to us to the Supreme Court of Canada, they dismissed it, contrary to the law and evidence and fundamental principles of justice and further ordered my young son to pay costs to CGI's lawyers and the orthodontists that clearly severely injured my sons and I and further violated the law by then publishing false and clearly fraudulent information about our case to unlawfully further assist CGI and the others involved in covering up the very serious injustice done to my sons and I, proving Canada is no longer a democracy and proving very serious corruption in Canada far beyond anything that has ever been made public before, yet I have published all the evidence proving.

    All Canadians need to realize if they could do this horrendous injustice to my sons and I and get away with it despite the substantial incontrovertible evidence we clearly have proving it...then they can do the same to any one of them, to any one of you, so it is in every Canadians best interest to help my sons and I fully expose and make public the serious and extreme injustice done to my sons and I and the serious corruption behind it and demand it be corrected and addressed in the interests of all Canadians.

    Kelly Marie Richard

  8. by avatar Scout
    Wed Apr 14, 2010 3:05 pm
    P.S. We also have undeniable evidence proving CGI in some way coerced or bought off our lawyer, Stephen Nelson, and that he was unlawfully working with CGI's lawyer, Alan Rudakoff, and his team of lawyers, and the judges, who ordered we couldn't fire Stephen Nelson even though he admitted he was working for Alan Rudakoff, to assist CGI in their unlawful attempts to obstruct justice and have me unlawufully wrongfully committed. Consider this...CGI handle the litigation for ALL Canadian insurance companies...so very few personal injury lawyers have the resources to fight against the power and wealth CGI have and what good would it do when CGI have the courts and judges in their pockets as the indisputable evidence I have provided proves. Every single Canadian is at serious risk of suffering serious harm and loss as long as this corruption is allowed to continue.

  9. by avatar Scout
    Wed Apr 14, 2010 3:18 pm
    The evidence further proves that when CGI failed to have me fraudulently declared mentally incompetent and wrongfully committed as part of a cover up, they went after my sons the minute they turned 18 and unlawfully used our dental malpractice case to attempt to do this to them and that the judges of the Alberta Courts unlawfully assisted CGI and their lawyers in attempting to do this.

  10. Thu Apr 15, 2010 12:58 am
    Well, just because we can call ourselves a 'democracy' doesn't mean we can truly call ourselves free. Sure, we can vote, but look at the clowns we get to 'choose.' Our vote really is meaningless, especially based on the fact that all levels of government have been bought and paid for a long time ago. Judges too, are in the back pockets of the big banker-corporate fascists. And while I'm on the law, well, any legal system ( I can't call it a justice system) that is set up so that those who have the most money get the best lawyers, while those who don't have money get screwed, well, this is a legal system of tyranny! A justice system is only just if everyone, regardless of the amount of money they posess, has equal access to knowledgeable, skilled lawyers who actually care more about justice than they do about lining their pockets!

  11. by avatar Scout
    Thu Apr 15, 2010 1:15 am
    Well I've just provided the substantial and undeniable evidence proving major corruption in our justice system and government...what are you planning to do about it Mr. Ruston and all other members of this website and other Canadians concerned about our democracy in Canada and our rights as Canadians,which are legally guaranteed rights, regardless of this corruption, I'd like to point out,...will any of you get involved and help my sons and I as Robin Mathews has,will any of you get involved and fight with my sons and I and Mr. Mathews against this serious miscarriage of justice and corruption in our justice system and our country?
    Because if not, then you are accepting it and allowing it to happen and to continue and to possibly happen to you next, and where is this corruption leading to...CGI openly taking over our country, the evidence supports this is exactly where this corruption is leading to, are you just going to wait and let this happen?

  12. Thu Apr 15, 2010 2:28 pm
    You're absolutely right! We as a people cannot just sit by and say, "Atleast its not happening to me!" In my hundreds of letters to spineless Canadian politicians, I have included the points of how our legal system is not a just system for all Canadians, illustrating many points including some of what I've posted here. I suppose to start with, I could keep up such pressure with letters to our 'leaders' as well as letters to the editor of certain newspapers and such. I have also in the past called in to various TV and radio talk shows and literally told it like it is. Perhaps we should form a group or thinktank or something along the lines of creating a real justice system dedicated to not only upholding the charter of rights and freedoms, but even improving upon it, and advocating access to justice along the lines of a public system which omits nobody! Once again, people before profits! I can see the anger in your posts, Scout, and I think I understand. As Martin Luther King once said, " An injustice that happens anywhere, is a threat to justice, everywhere." Shame on the judges and political puppets that uphold this corrupt, unjust system!

  13. by avatar Scout
    Thu Apr 15, 2010 3:03 pm
    You can see the anger in my posts? You think you understand?...Again did you even read the entire letter and view the evidence proving everything reported in it? My sons and I were intentionally severely injured and mutilated by a Canadian health professional and caused to suffer extreme pain for years and then denied treatment for these severe injuries and the CPP disability benefits I was entitled to as part of a cover up and harassed and threatened for years, including being threatened with being unlawfully wrongfully committed and caused to lose everything as a result and despite all the undeniable evidence proving this and proving my health records were falsified by CGI and the court records and transcripts have been falsified and our rights and the laws seriously violated my sons and I were denied a trial and seriously unjustly and outrageously ordered to pay the very ones responsible for severely injuring us, including by the Supreme Court of Canada who then published serious false information about our case as part of the cover up, and by the way I have never recovered because after paying more than $200,000 for treatment for my sons and I, I couldn't afford to complete the treatment I needed so will never recover. PLEASE LOOK AT THE EVIDENCE! It is so much more important that you seem to understand! My sons and I are Canadian citizens and this was done to us and we have ALL the evidence proving it and not one single politician has helped us, it's insane. If this can be done to us, then it can be done to you so if you don't care what has been done to an innocent woman and 2 children then maybe you should think about helping my sons and I to expose this corruption so it doesn't happen to you? Because if you do nothing what's to stop them from continuing on and doing this to you? Maybe cutting off your leg when you go to have your tonsils out or taking all your money from your bank account and having you committed if you report it, as CGI have contracts with all the Canadian banks and ATM systems, check it out for yourself, or your house burns down and you and your family lose everything and CGI makes sure your insurance company refuses to pay your claim so tough luck, maybe doctoring your health records to suggest your mentally ill and burned your house down yourself, or a drunk driver plows into you and leaves you or one of your loved ones in a wheel chair and CGI doctors your/their health records to falsely suggest you had previous signs of an illness that would have disabled you anyway so you get no compensation...I could go on and on but the point is if you do nothing about the serious injustice done to my sons and I, now that you know about it, and do nothing to help expose this serious corruption in our country, our courts our governments, etc...and to stop it and correct it and change it for the better, then no one in this country is safe from the serious injustice and harm caused to my sons.

  14. by avatar Scout
    Thu Apr 15, 2010 3:12 pm
    Without courts and judges with integrity to uphold the law and hold people who violate the law and unlawfully cause harm to others accountable no one in this country is safe and I have just provided the evidence proving our courts in this country, including the Supreme Court of Canada, are seriously corrupt, even when the victims are an innocent woman and 2 children, and the harm caused to them truly heinous and horrendous...the judges and courts in this country don't care about justice or the law or our rights...they are seriously corrupt and clearly serving the serious corrupt megacorporation CGI, that has contracts with every, or almost every, government and public service department in Canada the evidence supports, against Canadians.

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