New Book Suggests Tories Pushing Christian Agenda

Posted on Monday, May 17 at 09:06 by NAUWATCH


"What I'm talking about is a movement that no one has written about much in Canada," McDonald said Thursday on CTV's Power Play.

"Just as Ronald Reagan in the 1980s welcomed and gave access to the American Christian Right for the first time in politics there, Stephen Harper's government had a strategy to reach out to what he called ‘theocons,' social and religious conservatives, as a way of building the Conservative party base."

McDonald said the first signs of the movement north of the border emerged in 2006. Christian groups that were opposed to legalizing same-sex marriage decided that they wanted a "long-term voice" on policy issues.

A more recent example would arguably be Thursday's anti-abortion rally on Parliament Hill, which drew thousands of activists.

As for Harper, McDonald says he was never considered part of any social conservative movement up to and including his time with the Reform Party, even though he belongs to an evangelical denomination, the Christian and Missionary Alliance Church. But he has reached out to that movement to improve his political standing.

The danger is that catering to a religious base in politics "can be divisive," McDonald argues, as has happened in the United States in recent years.

"We are seeing a trend in the United States that is disturbing to some people in Canada," she said. "We do not want that level of vitriol and polarization that has happened in the United States, and largely along these social conservative, religious conservative lines."

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