NATO: Whoring Itself To American Imperialism

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The North Atlantic Treaty Organization was founded for the best of motives. It came into being in 1949 as a European/North American defense alliance to thwart any intention the former USSR might have of attacking the countries of Western Europe. The dominate partner in the Alliance was then and is even more so today the US. As the world’s singular surviving superpower it has gone from dominating the alliance to coercing it into becoming an instrument of US foreign policy and its imperial ambitions.
When the Cold War ended with the implosion of the USSR in 1985 there was no apparent need for NATO. For both America and the NATO countries there was a peace dividend to be harvested. The dividend was never to be collected as militarism had a momentum of its own. Where one daunting enemy ceased to exist new enemies had to be manufactured to justify a swaggering and out of control addiction to militarism.
For America’s neoconservatives this was the dawning of a new era where the US would use its vast military capability to pursue Full Spectrum Dominance as delineated in the PNAC(Program of the New American Century.) Though their lofty ambitions were thwarted for eight years by the tenure of the Clinton Democrats the election of Republican George W Bush in 2001was their window of opportunity to act. All too conveniently, the September 11 attack on the WTC followed soon after, allowing these very ambitious conservatives “The new Pearl Harbor” they needed to justify their nefarious agenda.
NATO dovetailed nicely into this plan as it would stealthily be mutated from a defense alliance to an instrument of American imperialism. NATO was expanded to include former Soviet satellites for the purpose of advancing American hegemony to the very door step of Russia- still cast as villainous enemy.
Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan while touted as wars of liberation, are really wars of strategic positioning. The US set out to control the politics and resources of the Middle East and Central Asia, as well as containment of Russia and China. Iraq and Afghanistan are mere stepping stones to a larger agenda and they have suffered grievously under the jackboots of American imperialism.
The real “sin” of Iran is that it is a regional power that impedes America’s imperial ambitions. Its repeated and compulsive vilification has the stench of just one more deception.    
Where the US claims its presence in Iraq and Afghanistan is only temporary the massive infrastructures established in these countries in the form of military bases belies this claim. They are not dispensing “Enduring Freedom” but an enduring presence and Afghanistan and Iraq are only the most recent franchises in a global network of over 700 US military bases.
Imperialism is a very expensive game and has left America the most indebted country in the world. It is fighting foreign wars with borrowed money on borrowed time. It then becomes necessary to defray the costs of this cretinous extravagance by coercing allies, namely NATO, into being the whores of US imperialism all too willing to cough up cash and lives in a sorely corrupted cause for despicable motives.
In this age of denialism and willful ignorance it is beyond the comprehension of most that terrorism is mostly no more than a byproduct of US imperialism.
          Equally obnoxious is the fatuous notion the US must guard its national security globally. This is no more than a transparent ruse to justify these imperial ambitions yet it floods the air waves unchallenged.
          The G12, the G20, like NATO are mere tea parties of failed intentions. Until some real statesmen arrive on the scene a critical situation only becomes worse. 
Many commentators are saying the Afghanistan war is lost. Failed strategies, corruption, false purpose have taken their toll. There will be the usual body counts but the devastation will spiral on:  a disgraced NATO, damaged and destroyed economies and political casualties disgraced by their failed leadership and pathetic acquiescence.                          

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