NAFTA Resulted In Increasing Unemployment In The U.S.

Posted on Monday, August 23 at 08:39 by NAUWATCH


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  1. by RickW
    Wed Aug 25, 2010 12:36 am
    When Mulroney and Reagan kicked off the whole thing with their "soft shoe shuffle" ... lips/2634/
    We should have seen the scam coming. And plenty did. But the media at the time wanted no part of these "nabobs of negativism" (Thank you, Spiro Agnew!).

  2. Sat Aug 28, 2010 2:21 am
    All this has been expected and forecast over 20 years ago, when the FTA racket first started and I still have a filing drawer full of what was said.

    The FTA and NAFTA have ruined the economies of all 3 countries, with Mexico the biggest loser, now under a virtual civil war over drugs, because the lives of millions have been ruined by NAFTA.

    But as, John Crispo, Professor Emeritus of Toronto U, one of Mulroney's darlings, said it during the FTA deabates, :"It makes no difference who owns the country, as long capital is permitted to move freely"

    Yes, capital is now moving freely, the USA is bankrupt, Mexico has a civil war with some 35.000 dead and Canada is selling the country from under the feet of the citizens, calling it GDP, while pretending that we have a "booming economy".

    Will humanity ever wake up to and stop this crime wave ? Or shall we wait until the whole world is under the biggest depression in history, with a few crooks, pardon me, "distinguished investors", owning and controlling everything?

    Ed Deak, Big Lake. BC.

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