North American Union- The Road To A Global Climate Deal

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On Oct 1, 2010 in Waterloo, Environment Minister Jim Prentice delivered the opening keynote to a conference organized by The Centre For International Governance Innovation entitled: “Climate of Action, The Road To A Global Climate Deal”. A quick look into the CIGI reveals that it receives major funding from the Canadian Government, Corporations, The Rockefeller Foundation and Power Corporation Canada to act as an ‘nonpartisan’ NGO, speaking on our behalf while creating false consensus to be used to justify governmental action in the direction of the bigger agenda.

In his speech to the CIGI, Mr. Prentice states that we need to integrate and harmonize most of our laws and policy with the United States in order to meet our new global emissions targets by 2020. He mentions that the United States is responsible for most of the carbon emissions due to their use of coal for hydro electricity production and they are one of the worlds worst offenders, but yet he then goes on to say we need to harmonize our laws and policies with them, so we can sign jointly on international/global treaties.

Deep Integration and harmonization of laws, standards and policy between Canada, United States and Mexico is what is driving the North American Union agenda forward and is how they avoid Parliamentary scrutiny. We already have deep economic integration, security Integration and now they seek the integration of environmental law and promote the idea to redefine the meaning of national sovereignty to include what they call “sovereign duties”. Duties imposed on a sovereign nations that they will no longer have any control over unilaterally and are place under the jurisdiction of International law. A regulator to regulate the regulators as Paul Martin (former Prime Minister of Canada) likes to say.

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