Why The F-35 May Never Fly

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The F-35 may well be grounded before it even gets off the production line. Canada will not be taking delivery of these over priced Cold War anachronisms for another seven years. But seven years hence the fuel to run them will no doubt be very expensive and possibly not even be available.
 The US and German military have both been doing studies showing fuel shortages will be a critical issue for military operations in the near future.
One such study done by the US recommends that by the year 2040 the US military must be converted entirely over to non-petroleum fuels. This leaves a thirty year window in which to make the conversion and it is a very short thirty years given the daunting economic, scientific and political challenges such a change will require. Not only will long-life existing weapons systems be affected the development of future weapons systems must be completely overhauled and even terminated.
If the military is worried the public should be even more so as in times of scarcity military needs will be a priority.
“Peak oil” (the point at which all global reserves have been identified and world supply of oil is a depleting inventory) is not a popular terms these days. Experts don’t agree exactly when this point will arrive but many believe it is happening right now. The certainty is that it is going to happen and we are going to see a very different world by mid-century.
We will not have to wait until the “end of oil” to see economic and social chaos. Any number of issues from war to climate change to bad economic times can influence price and availability. A shortage of supply in the 10 to 15 per cent range could leave an economy in ruins. Experts also advise that as reserves diminish charts will not be a smooth downward bell curve but one of jagged peaks and valleys. The way to smooth these peaks and valleys as supplies diminish will mean a commitment to petroleum husbandry which, in turn, will require a momentous amount of international co-operation.
The wars being fought now have really little to do with subduing Al- Qaeda, the Taliban, bringing modern democracy to Afghanistan or that Iran must not acquire nuclear weapons. They have everything to do with an incendiary competition, mainly between China and the US, to secure the last major reserves of petroleum. Where China is using its considerable economic prowess to strike deals with the countries that have the oil; the US in its obsessive militarism and is willing to shed an endless amount of blood for oil. Unfortunately for too many Muslim populations they are caught between the Americans and the oil.
The utter folly of the resource wars, as it now appears, is that they will only come to an end when the last drop of oil drops from the spigot. We can only guess at the depth of the devastation that will come between now and then and most critically when and if the economic imperialism of China and the military imperialism of the US are going to collide and to what effect.
The Western allies led on by the US are spending over a trillion dollars a year on high-tech weaponry for phantom wars that are nowhere on the horizon. China and Russia the two alleged threats spend only a small fraction of what the US and its NATO allies are spending on defense, and of course F35 stealth fighters are not going to win the war on terror. They are anachronisms from a war that ended twenty years ago. They owe their present existence to pork-barrel politics, out of control military spending, and political incompetence. The military industrial complex is the very cornerstone of corporate welfarism.
At some future time as the last drops of oil drip out of the spigot our children might well see armies riding horse back and tending mule carts. A ruinous extravagance will have come to an end. “Shock and Awe” will have become “gitty up” and “forward ho.” 
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