ANOTHER Conservative Con Job?

Posted on Tuesday, February 15 at 12:17 by RickW


Stephen Harper is poised to kick off the greatest round of government shipbuilding in Canada since the Second World War.

Pegged at $35-billion, the sums involved easily dwarf the funds committed for the Conservatives' controversial and hotly contested plan to buy $9-billion worth of F-35 fighter jets from Lockheed Martin.

The headline says this promise will "make waves" for Harper.  I suggest it will make votes for Harper.  Having made the "promise", he can now show the Canadian voter what he is doing for them - while DOING precisely nothing.

As evidence, I present this observation:
...this past July, 300 Canadian soldiers were given a mission. They were told to drop everything and show up at Canadian Forces base Gagetown, in uniform in front of the cameras and clap and cheer as the Minister of Defense announced that this government was finally buying them new armored vehicles which we know they so desperately need.

And so it was perfect timing this past week, when every headline was dominated by the humanitarian crisis in Haiti that the government let it slip out very quietly that the purchase of armored vehicles is now on "permanent hold" or what a civilian would call cancelled. Turns out it was just a photo op and perhaps a new low in Canadian politics.


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