Is The CBC Trying To Sway Voters To The Liberal Camp?

Posted on Friday, April 01 at 10:01 by Michael Scott

So I took the Voter Compass survey on the CBC website just for kicks.  After answering the questions the application took a few seconds and then told me that my ideals most closely aligned with the Liberal Party.  To say that I was dismayed would be an understatement.  So I went and looked at where I diverged and aligned with both the Conservatives and Liberals.  I found that statistically, I diverged more than 1 degree from the Conservatives on 7 items, and the Liberals on 9 items.  I agreed completely with the Liberals on 9 and the Conservatives on 12 positions.  I diverged strongly with both parties on 3 postions.  And then I looked even deeper.

And it's not like that this position is a surprise since it was a party plank in the last two elections as well.

There were a couple of other questionable responses as well.  For instance the voter compass states that the Liberals strongly disagree with a carbon tax.  While that may be technically true, they are firmly behind a cap and trade system with hard caps backed up by punitive charges.

As there are many Green and NDP voters on this board, I was wondering if they also had similar experiences using the Voter Compass.  Is there a bias towards the Liberals on the CBC? 

On the issue listed as "The government should fund daycare instead of giving money directly to parents" the Liberal postion is listed as "neither agree nor disagree".  I think Iggy might find that a bit shocking since he's promising to dole out $500 million on just that program:

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