The May 2 Election Improper, Illegitimate, Null And Void.

Posted on Wednesday, May 04 at 15:53 by Robin Mathews

The May 2 Election Improper, Illegitimate. Null and Void.  YOU READ IT HERE.


The facts are very, very simple.  But first: they came to me in mid-election when I was (a) travelling, (b) sick, (c) overcome with family matters.  They came to me through BC Mary from Rita Dawson.


The key facts make the election Improper, Illegitimate, Null and Void.  I am going to lay out the facts as they came to me.  They come originally, it seems, from a Native Canadian organization. They have been ignored by Elections Canada, by the political parties, and – of course – by the Mainstream Press and Media.


Plainly action is in the hands of Canadians.  We must protest and demand an answer from Elections Canada.  We must demand Elections Canada seek a ruling by the Supreme Court of Canada on the Elections Act. We must prepare to prevent Parliament from meeting if it is called with an illegitimate Harper government attempting to pretend legitimacy. We must act.  Now.


Individuals, organizations of all kinds must be heard. Write Elections Canada. Now. Demand an answer.  Organize.


Here is the information I received (with addresses removed for the sake of privacy):


Hello Robin, 


Rita Dawson, of Ladysmith, asks that I forward this LINK to you. It didn't work for me, so I googled and got 7 results, one of which is a YouTube which catches Harper's words as he blames his citation of "Contempt of Parliament" on the Opposition. The YouTube is here:


And here is one other. (this is the one Rita was trying to send)


Are you at home? 




Date: April 21, 2011 7:04:30 PM GMT-04:00

To: "Mary”



Hi Mary,


Would you pass this along to Robin Mathews please.  It would be more than merely interesting to get his take on it.


I'm sure any regular employer would think twice before hiring a person in "breach of privilege" or found to be contemptuous of government institutions.  How come it's different for politicians?






While doing some research for a fellow activist I came across this item on a Native website.  I'd say they're on to something and one would only hope that some hot-shot Constitutional lawyer is working day and night on this one 'cause, from the looks of the evidence submitted, Harper is in "breach of privilege" and isn't qualified to run for any political office.





Credit/Source: MrSteeper33



Canada Elections Act


CANDIDATES -- Qualifications ... =res&dir=loi%2Ffel%2Fcea&...


Ineligible candidates


65. The following persons are not eligible to be a candidate:


(b) a person who is dis-entitled under paragraph 502(3)(a) while they are so dis-entitled;


Stephen Harper was found guilty of the crime of contempt of parliament by the Canadian House of Commons. The guilty verdict disqualified Harper for re-election as he was dis-entitled as Prime Minister by the House of Commons.






On March 21, 2011 a House of Commons committee ruled that the Harper government was in contempt of Parliament -- an offense against the authority or dignity of Parliament, including disobedience to its commands or libel against it or its Members. Punishment for such an offense may take a variety of forms, up to and including imprisonment.


On March 25, 2011 the finding of contempt led to a motion of non-confidence introduced by Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff. The NDP and BQ supported them, which resulted in the adjournment of the 40th Parliament of Canada, and made Prime Minister Stephen Harper's government the first to fall on a charge of contempt of Parliament.


Any disregard of or attack on the rights, powers and immunities of the House and its Members, either by an outside person or body, or by a Member of the House, is referred to as a "breach of privilege" and is punishable by the House. There are, however, other affronts against the dignity and authority of Parliament which may not fall within one of the specifically defined privileges. Thus, the House also claims the right to punish, as a contempt, any action which, though not a breach of a specific privilege, tends to obstruct or impede the House in the performance of its functions; obstructs or impedes any Member or Officer of the House in the discharge of their duties; or is an offence against the authority or dignity of the House, such as disobedience of its legitimate commands or libels upon itself, its Members, or its Officers.



Source: AFC REPORT CANADA ... dont-care-about-contempt/









Organize.  Write to Elections Canada demanding a reply.  Prepare to be lied to and to be misled.  (Elections Canada may try to escape its responsibility.  It has done so before in my direct experience with it. Don’t take a flabby put-off. And Political Parties may respond out of self-interest, not the national interest. Don’t be misled by them.) Demand Elections Canada seek a Supreme Court of Canada ruling on the Elections Act. Prepare to stop Parliament from meeting in an illegitimate form.  The Election is not over.  It never took place!










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