Democratic Revolution - Now Or Never

Posted on Monday, August 15 at 21:09 by siamdave

by Dave Patterson
July 2011

"Revolution"? Isn't that a bit extreme? Almost everybody agrees Canada is one of the best countries in the world ....

I'll touch a bit on what everybody thinks in a second. As to the Revolution and its necessity, where most people seem to believe the story being relentlessly pushed by governments and 'leading economists' these dark days through the mainstream media about a big financial crisis all over the world demanding great sacrifice by the common people of the world, what I see is a cabal of rogue, criminal governments in collusion with a mafia-like banking cartel robbing us blind and usurping 'our' democracy in front of our mostly unresisting faces, supported by an equally rogue media working against rather than for 'we the people'. Over the years this massive conspiracy has been underway, these forces have been creating a passive, obedient, stuck-in-dumbed-down-adolescency citizenry while destroying our once almost-great once almost-democracies in their goal to create a 'new feudalism' using a massive, blatantly criminal fraud as their major justification. They're quite obviously determined to take our countries over, and have completely usurped the 'democratic' political process to enable them to do so 'legally', so the only way we will get rid of them is some sort of revolution - they sure as hell aren't going to go peacefully - no dictator ever does.

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