Talking About Adrian Dix, B.C. NDP Leader ....

Posted on Friday, March 09 at 16:18 by Robin Mathews

 Talking About Adrian Dix, B.C. NDP Leader.  Will the NDP Become Government Again in B.C. in 2013??


Adrian Dix, leader of the B.C NDP, follows the disastrous seven-year leadership of Carol James.  Her major policy, it seems, was to teach that victims of rape should show good manners before, during, and after violation.  Above all, good manners.  Above all, soft voices in the legislature.


The Gordon Campbell/Christy Clark Liberals – are, I believe, in league with a continental looting organization.  They have done (and are doing) to British Columbia what reasonable people would call “rape”.  The ability of Carol James to stand by and not notice, or ignore, or discount drove members of her caucus … at last … to demand change.  They got change (or did they?)  They got Adrian Dix as leader after Carol James stepped down in 2011.


British Columbia has been and is being raped.  The NDP has looked the other way … and continues to look the other way. The NDP should be hiring halls across the province to tell all.  The NDP should be enraged and fighting, should be dropping flyers into every B.C. mailbox ….


Think. Briefly.  (1) B.C. Rail was corruptly transferred from ownership by the people of B.C. to CNR – now a U.S. corporation. Criminal activity may have been involved at high levels in the transaction, negating the transfer if proved.


The RCMP refuses to investigate Gordon Campbell and his associates in government and in the corporations on the matter of the corrupt transfer of B.C. Rail.  The NDP should be exciting public response to the need for criminal investigation.  The NDP is saying nothing. It even shies away from a firm, loud, public insistence upon second best – a Full Public Inquiry. Now.


(2) The Special (Crown) Prosecutor in the BC Rail Scandal case taken against cabinet aides Dave Basi, Bobby Virk, and media representative Aneal Basi was appointed IN VIOLATION OF THE LEGISLATION COVERING THE APPOINTMENT OF SPECIAL PROSECUTORS.  Mr. Berardino had been partner and colleague of Geoff Plant, appointing Attorney General, for seven years.  And he had been partner and colleague of Alan Seckel, Deputy Attorney General, for eleven years. He could not claim objectivity. His behaviour in court, to me, revealed the opposite.


The NDP REFUSED and still refuses to act on that matter.  A pre-trial and trial, beginning with charges against the three accused in December of 2004 and ending in 2010 cost many millions of dollars.  More importantly, it has every indication of being conducted in a violation of the administration of justice.  The wrongful presence of the improperly appointed Special Prosecutor made and makes the whole, long court process (and more) INVALID.  (Think of that: the whole process is INVALID.)


The NDP refuses to act for British Columbians and demand action.  British Columbians demand action.  The NDP, official opposition, refuses to represent them against a government clearly doing everything it can to prevent action. The NDP is, in fact, (by doing nothing and resisting) helping the Campbell/Clark government cover up.


In his second (recent) interview with public intellectual Rafe Mair,  Adrian Dix kept insisting that “the people of B.C. have got to get involved”. 


That is sheer and outright hypocrisy on the part of Adrian Dix.  I got involved and spent five years tracking the B.C. Rail Scandal process in court, and researching.  I was one of the B.C. people getting involved.  The NDP has refused to touch absolutely foolproof evidence of wrongdoing that I turned up. The NDP has, in effect, sided with the Campbell/Christy Clark government.


(3) Alexandra Morton, another of the B.C. people, has done immense and heroic work on the hazards and damage of the fish farms.  We would know almost nothing if it were not for Alexandra Morton.


Confronted by Rafe Mair with the fish farm debacle, Adrian Dix postured, equivocated, slipped and slopped away from the question.  It is a jurisdictional problem he said. That is only a small part of what it is. When asked which side he is on, whether he supports Alexandra Morton or the spokesperson for the Fish Farms, Adrian Dix ran away.  “I don’t like to personalize ..,” he said.


I suggest his response was an insult to a British Columbian who, for the good of the province (and the nation), has worked enormously hard to reveal damning evidence.  Adrian Dix, I insist, did not take a position of neutrality.  He took sides.  In effect, he pretends there is not damning evidence.


The question of “jurisdiction” is (to pun) a red herring.  B.C. government can lean on the federal government – with effect. And B.C. government has power over many related matters that engage the activity of fish farms.  I will say Adrian Dix betrayed British Columbians and Alexandra Morton.


(4) In his first interview with Rafe Mair, Adrian Dix “played dumb” about the Site C dam and the uses to which water captured by it would be put. The person who pointed that out was one of those people who are “just another of the people of B.C.”, Laila Yuile.  The water is to be used for fracking, everyone (except Adrian Dix) knows.


(5) Laila Yuile and Dave Gosse have revealed enormous “disinformation” scams by the Campbell/Christy Clark government.  The “shadow tolls” on the Sea to Sky Highway - which was announced to have no tolls - is only one!  The highly questionable use of Public Private Partnerships and the methods of contracting is another.  Slowly, a whole world of Gordon Campbell/Christy Clark dark games is being revealed by ordinary British Columbians for British Columbians. Their work is  evidence of people of B.C. getting involved.


The NDP and Adrian Dix try to pretend those ordinary British Columbians are not there.


(6)  Then there’s one of the people of B.C., Erik Anderson, working and working away and pointing out the Auditor General of British Columbia refuses (in the language of auditors) to approve of the accounting done by B.C. Hydro to report its financial activities.  Read that sentence again! ! That means the opposition, the NDP, should be demanding publicly, openly, daily that a full-scale RCMP investigation (employing neutral accounting experts) be conducted of B.C. Hydro accounting practices (for all to see) with a view to laying charges against wrong-doers if any should be revealed.


The Adrian Dix NDP doesn’t want to talk about B.C. Hydro.


(7) ALL Gordon Campbell/Christy Clark government activities to alienate ownership of river energy from British Columbians should be fully investigated. The concern of some of “the people of B.C.” – such as Rafe Mair and Damian Gilles and others – has been expressed loudly, clearly, and with evidence of dubious behaviour.  Adrian Dix and the NDP are not responding as they should … again. 


      (8) For nearly ten years a number of “the people of B.C.” have said BC Hydro is being deliberately and in breach of trust destroyed on behalf, largely, of foreign private corporations.  They have said that the whole “run of the rivers” private corporate development has been and is intended to rob the people of B.C. of energy and financial stability.  They have shouted to have attention paid.  Where is Adrian Dix?  Where is the NDP? (gone fishing?)

I’m sorry not to have dealt, here, with child poverty, children and families, the larger administration of justice, education, the phony ‘murdered women Inquiry’ … and more.


I have given enough indication that (using the Adrian Dix phrase) “people of B.C.” have gotten involved – and they have, as a result, become the enemies of Adrian Dix and the NDP.  “People in the province”, Dix said in the interview, “have to get actively involved.”  What a laugh.  What a nasty, sordid joke! Anyone who gets involved, seriously, in the real story of B.C., the immense rape of its wealth and its resources, the immense betrayal of the rule of law – and presents compelling evidence - is rejected by the NDP.  Period.


What is the matter with the NDP? Many ask the question.  The answer may be that they have accepted the continental corporate plan – which requires huge, mostly U.S., corporations to own anything of real value in B.C. (and Canada). And that state of things requires the destruction of the unions here, the end of Crown Corporations, the privatization of public wealth, the real destruction of democratic rule, and the pauperization of the population. All that continental corporate plan is – pretty clearly to careful observers – endorsed by Stephen Harper.


Paul Tellier, vaunted privatizer of CN Rail (to U.S. control) often advocated integration or much closer ties between Canada and the U.S.  In 2001 he came to Vancouver and urged that B.C. Rail do what the CN did: privatize. He was brilliant at selling off  public wealth (the CNR) to U.S. interests, it was so easy.  On the basis of his inflated reputation, he was hired to get Bombardier out of its serious troubles.  Very shortly, the Bombardier family fired him – fired him – and set to work restoring Bombardier. A tough job Tellier wasn’t up to, apparently. 


A huge holder of CN wealth is Bill Gates (of Microsoft).  Warren Buffet (of Berkshire Hathaway) has bought Burlington Northern Santa Fe Rail (which just happened to be one of the interested parties in the corrupt transfer of BC Rail to the CNR).


Both men, Joyce Nelson reports in the Summer 2011 Watershed Sentinel, took a guided tour of the Alberta Tar Sands in 2008.  Their interest in railways has expanded.  They, apparently, see railways and the whole tar sands product as connected. It goes without saying, the Chinese are more than interested in getting ownership rights in the Tar Sands – and guarantees of delivery to China. That country is one of the backers of the Northern Gateway through Sinopec, the huge Chinese State corporation which is also reportedly interested in rail delivery of Tar Sands product.


If you wonder why Gordon Campbell (Liberal) was made Canadian High Commissioner in London by Stephen Harper (Conservative), read what follows – written by Joyce Nelson in Watershed Sentinel.


“During [November 2010], an important (if little reported) trade mission to Asia took place – the Nov. 1-10 Pacific Gateway Alliance Trade Mission to China, Japan, Korea and Hong Kong – jointly led by B.C.’s then Transportation and Infrastructure Minister Shirley Bond and Stockwell Day, Treasury Board president and federal Minister for Asia Pacific Gateway.  They were accompanied by executives from Port Metro Vancouver, Port of Prince Rupert, Canadian National Railway [a U.S. railway now], Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway [a U.S. railway], and the Vancouver International Airport.”


Clearly, as Joyce Nelson points out the Harper planners and the Campbell/Christy Clark planners read from the same hymn book.  And they sing a hymn to a British Columbia shredded. 


British Columbians face the destruction of their railway.  They face the destruction of their Hydro power facility.  They face the alienation to “continental” control of B.C. river energy production. They face the fact that (originally) B.C. Gas, the traditional guarantor of natural gas energy for British Columbians, has been shredded (by Gordon Campbell government consent), the real power now in the hands of U.S. giant Kinder Morgan which owns upwards of 26,000 miles of pipeline.


British Columbians face the possibility of a U.S. free trade space (?) in the province, of major B.C. port ownership and control of operations by huge U.S. private corporations. British Columbians face being turned into stateless people in their own province and country.  And … as far as I can see … Adrian Dix and the B.C. NDP couldn’t care less.


I mentioned in the second paragraph of this article that the Gordon Campbell/Christy Clark group is joined, I believe, to a continental looting organization.  In the face of all the information here,  Adrian Dix and the NDP are ominously silent. Could they also be part of the continental looting organization?


“The people of the province have to get actively involved”, Adrian Dix said in his interview with Rafe Mair.  We have to ask if he means get actively involved in defeating the humiliatingly irresponsible B.C. NDP in the next provincial election? 





















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