Elizabeth May On How Environmental Protection Was Stolen In Broad Daylight

Posted on Monday, April 30 at 19:40 by Janet M Eaton

The single biggest assault on environmental law was tabled last
Thursday morning in the House - to nary a whimper...
Bill C-38 came in without any detailed lock-up or briefing.
It had never been mentioned that the Canadian Environmental
Assessment Act was to be repealed; and that an entirely new act of 67
pages would be tucked in to the Budget Act. No longer will there be
predictable "triggers" for federal reviews...

The ways in which the Fisheries Act would include the transfer of
decision-making and management to the provinces were not explained in
advance. Nor were the restriction of requirements for authorization to
destroy habitat for those commercial, recreational and Aboriginal
fisheries. It had not been mentioned that the Species at Risk Act would be
amended to give the National Energy Board (NEB) power to approve the
destruction of the habitat of endangered species - or killing rare species
through the building of pipelines. Nor that the NEB would get power to
over-ride the Navigable Waters Protection Act.

It is a wholesale re-writing of all areas of federal jurisdiction
over the natural environment.... Theft of the environment in plain
sight goes along with abuse of Parliamentary process and of democracy
itself.           --- Elizabeth May April 30th, 2012

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How the Conservatives stole environmental protection in broad
daylight iPolitics Insight
Posted on Mon, Apr 30, 2012, 5:04 am by Elizabeth May**


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