Banker-Corporate Fascists Push Hard For World War 3

Posted on Monday, September 16 at 17:22 by Dave Ruston

Barack 'the hawk' Obama is definitely squirming. Just look at him. His banker-corporate bosses are giving the orders, but he has a hard sell. The American public, and the world for that matter, are sick of war, and increasingly, more and more brave and informed Americans are telling their government NO! Enough is enough! September 11th was not what they told us and Saddam had no weapons of mass destruction. No, Barack, your credibility is not on the line, because you have none. You, the president who took the Nobel Peace Prize, expanded the war in Afghanistan, bombed Libya into the stone age, and killed innocent civillians with drone attacks in places like Yemen. And now, more lies are being excreted from the nether regions of these sociopaths to justify a war with Syria, which could very easily lead to the big one all religious wet dreamers are waiting for, World War 3.

Steven Harper, on the other hand, is as cool as a killer on Halloween. He 'supports what our great allies want to do' in Syria because, using gas is just plain wrong. Never mind that not only do we not have proof of Assad using chemichal weapons on his own people, but there's actually more evidence that it was the western backed, foreign imported terrorist rebels from around the world who actually performed the gassing. Never mind that the US has used depleted uranium weapons in Iraq as well, resulting in a proliferation of cancer and birth defects! Nothing to see here, move along, move along...

Some important questions to ask here are, 'Why would Assad first invite UN inspectors in to his country, then use chemical weapons so that these inspectors could see it? Why would Assad, who's army was actually beating the 'rebels' on the battlefield, commit suicide by using gas, giving the war mongers their perfect excuse for taking action? No, I'm not endorsing Assad here, inquiry minds just want to know. Another important question which was raised in the British House by MP George Galloway, who was banned from speaking in Canada, was this: "Tell me, Prime Minister, what is the difference, between the Al-Queda we're fighting in Afghanistan, and the Al-Queda we're supporting in places like Libya and Syria?"

Yep, what is encouraging, is that more and more people around the globe have awakened, making it harder to continue the slaughter, which in the minds of the controllers, is necessary to further their plans of total world control. Think about it. Even right here in Canada, the tyranny has arrived. Ask anyone who attended the G20 protests in Toronto. Ask the family of the kid shot on that Toronto street car. And just the other day, police tasered an 80 year old woman! These brain dead cops, these disposable tools of the tyrants, just can't seem to handle their power! - Idiots.

So, even if Assad did use chemical weapons, the answer inside these peabrain's heads, is to drop bombs, killing scores of more and more innocent people. But really, it's not about gas. Sure, you wouldn't be wrong to say it's about oil, but it's about getting rid of world leaders who don't tow the globalist line or leaders they don't like. And Barack isn't the only hawk who says, " The road to Tehran, goes through Damascus." And of  course, Russia and China are showing support for Syria. War with these two elephants, anyone?

We're at crunchtime, people. I don't know if we can stop this war, but we must try. Let your politicians, wherever you live, know that you know what this war is really about, and that the serial killing has to stop. But power certainly does what it wants. If at first you don't succeed, lie, lie again. And if you still can't sway the masses, well, that's what false flag terrorist attacks are for! Wait for it....

Also, don't fall for the divide and conquer tactics that these killers use. You know, white vs black, christian vs muslim, clash of civilizations, jew vs martian, the west vs Russia, because, after all, Russia oppresses gays, so we should be mad at them. You see, Putin is also a tool. He gives Snowdon asylum because he faces harm in the USA. Ooh, what a human rights champ. Yet Russian laws oppress gays. Hmmmm...Nope, now is the time for ALL of humanity to stick together in the face of these oppressors who hope to make slaves out of what's left of the world population after the big bang. I mean, I know there are some people who either ignore, or play along with the tyranny because they think they'll be safe in doing so. Not true. If your neighbour, someone on the other side of the world, or even someone you hate can be oppressed, tortured, or murdered, then so can you! As Martin Luther King said, "An injustice that happens anywhere, is a threat to justice, everywhere."

I will close here with what perhaps many would see as magical or delusional thinking, but I really don't think so. Humans, animals, the planets, the stars, the universe- we are all inter-connected energetically, emotionally, telepathically. Our arduous lives sometimes blind us to this. But we are all one! Individuals, yet united on a natural and supernatural level. Everything is electric. Based on these waves, because even thoughts and emotions are waves of energy, the great equalizer known as karma, among other things, materializes. Not only have I meditated on this, but I've seen this thing called karma come into play. And given that we are eternal consciousness and energy, there's no such thing as death. Karma may come in this life, or in the next dimension you find yourself in once your spacesuit wears out. So, if everyone thinks, acts, and perpetuates love and kindness, it produces a dominant type of wave energy in our universe, changing things for the better of all. So, to the banker-corporate fascists and their puppets: I don't hate you. I hate what you do, but more than anything, I pity you. If not in this realm, then for sure, some other realm, you will have some heavy dues to pay courtesy of this force known as karma if you don't start to use your power and influence in this realm, to help your fellow humans grow, learn, and live in peace and prosperity. BANK ON THAT!

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