Double Standard

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Mon, May 31, 2004
Israel escapes sanctions imposed on other nations
By Bill Kaufmann -- Calgary Sun

In Washington state, a mother still struggles over the meaning of her daughter's sacrifice.

In March, 2003, Rachel Corrie, 23, was crushed to death in Rafah, Gaza, beneath an Israeli bulldozer in an incident photos and witnesses suggest was a cold-blooded killing.

Rachel was shielding the home of a Palestinian physician whose home was targeted to enhance the security of the troops who make the lives of Gazans a living hell.

"I can't imagine any parent could feel losing a child would be worth it, but I know it was worthwhile for Rachel to do what she was doing to oppose injustice," says Cindy Corrie.

"She recognized the privilege she had living in this country."

Since then, hundreds more lives have been extinguished and homes obliterated in the crowded, cursed coastal strip that even Israeli Defence Minister Sha'ul Mofaz admits his country's settlers and soldiers should never have occupied.

Bill Kaufmann

Note: Bill Kaufmann

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