UN Global Warming Tsar Tied To Oil For Food

Posted on Tuesday, April 19 at 11:00 by John Tiller
Park, who was accused of trying to buy influence in the U.S. Congress in the 1970s in what became known as the Koreagate scandals, is now accused of accepting millions of dollars from Iraq while acting as an unregistered agent for Baghdad in the United States.The U.S. complaint calls for the arrest of Park, who was reported to be hiding in Japan and considering a U.S. plea-bargain offer, said South Korea's JoongAng Ilbo newspaper. The reported involvement of two UN officials is expected to cast a new shadow on the world body, which has spent more than a year trying to get to the bottom of allegations of massive corruption in the $64-billion US oil-for-food program that was aimed at helping Iraqis cope with UN sanctions. Several current and former UN officials, speaking on condition of anonymity, said while he was secretary general from 1992 to 1997, Boutros-Ghali was good friends with Park. One said they met during an Asian trip and several said they saw Park at UN headquarters in New York City. "I do recall at least two occasions when Tongsun Park met with Secretary General Boutros Boutros-Ghali," said Gillian Sorensen, former UN assistant secretary general for external relations who organized the 50th-anniversary commemoration of the United Nations in 1995. "It would have been 1993, in the run-up to the commemoration," she said. "I had no dealings with him whatsoever...I gather he was a friend of the secretary general." Boutros-Ghali's office at the International Association of la Francophonie in Paris did not answer. Strong said in a statement Monday he has "continued to maintain a relationship" with Park and Park invested in an energy company he was associated with in 1997. Strong led several power companies in Canada, including Petro-Canada, Ontario Hydro and the Power Corporation of Canada. - Yahoo News The Global Warming Treaty is the brainchild of former energy trader and oilman Maurice Strong who tried to steal and then sell the people of Colorado their own underground water supply. This billionaire is head of the globalization efforts of the UN. If this looks like the free trade treaties with a different title, it is. This is how they get lefties to buy into free trade and globalization and supporting brutal dictatorships. The Russian scientists wrote one of the most damning scientific reports on global warming/ climate change that seemed to scuttle whatever was left of this theory only to see Putin being bribed with World Trade Organization membership if he signed on. The WTO president, as well as Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin, and UN head Kofi Annan, are protégés of Mr. Strong. The Western oil company with the closest ties to Saddam was France's TotalFinaElf. Total's biggest shareholder is Montreal's Paul Desmarais Sr., whose youngest son is married to former Prime Minister Jean Chrétien's daughter. So basically TotalFinaElf's largest shareholder is the man who built Montreal's Power Corp from scratch, with some help from Canada and the UN’s most famous energy trader, Maurice Strong, whose co-chief executive is Jean Chrétien’s son-in-law, Andre Desmarais. His brother, Paul Desmarais Jr., also sits on the Total board. This is the same Paul Desmarais Sr. that sold the present prime minister, Paul Martin, Canada Steamship Lines on such easy terms that this cash cow might be considered a gift, albeit a very extravagant one. “French oil giant TotalFinaElf has exclusive exploration contracts worth €60bn - €75bn to develop the massive Majnoon and Bin Umar oilfields in southern Iraq,”said David Perle before he knew they were contingent of Iraq busting the UN boycott, and that Saddam had already bought a lot of loyal friends.

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