US Gov't Attacks On Jews Vs The Power Of The "Jewish Lobby"

Posted on Saturday, February 24 at 15:08 by northspirit
The reality - which Jews themselves know well - is that Jews are often afraid to help Jewish victims of government attacks, because Jews everywhere, even wealthy Jews in the US, tend to be very afraid of the world around them. Today in the US, as in much of history, Jews will cower behind the curtains of one house, when the authorities come to attack and destroy the Jews next door. There are already political Jews being murdered in US jail cells, and people of Jewish heritage attacked by the US government. And that is all hidden beneath the surface of stories about the "all-powerful Jewish lobby" and "military support for Israel". Consider the theory of the "powerful Jewish lobby" as showing its strength in the US military backing of the government of Israel. This theory needs to be analysed - and actually, this theory is rather a kind of reverse mirror of a more complex and more frightening truth. Full article here: (MWC News is based in Canada.)


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