Are You On Canada's Unannounced NO FLY List?

Posted on Monday, January 16 at 00:31 by whelan costen
The famous Niemoeller quote references that he did not speak up when they came first for the communists, then the Jews, then the trade unionists, then the Catholics .When they came for him , there was no one left to speak for him. " The No Fly list and the No Passport Lists are shocking. But equally so is the fact that not one of the main stream parties is raising this Draconian civil liberty issue in this election," decried Fogal .'"Hidden from the public is the fact that each one of the Liberals, Conservatives, NDP and Bloq Quebecois know about these lists and are complicit in their implementation. They do not talk about it because they do not want us to know. They all voted for the laws that permitted the implementation. " Connie Fogal said,"Citizens are entitled to know about the deliberate sabotage of our freedoms by our own government all to implement Fortress America;all this in the midst of valiant efforts right now in the USA to indict Bush for crimes against citizen rights in the USA." "How long must Canadians tolerate the failure of our media along with the failure of even one mainstream party to expose the sabotage of Canadian freedom and civil liberties?? Who said it could not happen here?" Fogal asked. "It is. " Contact Connie Fogal, Leader CAP/PAC 604 872 2128 -30-


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