Gore: US Oil Financed Harper

Posted on Tuesday, January 31 at 12:31 by Eleanor
"The new leadership [in Ottawa] is trying to remove Canada from Kyoto and, hopefully, that will not happen thanks to the minority victory," said Gore. Canadians must remain vigilant if they wish to remain on the moral side of the environmental debate, he said. Gore said he wasn't surprised to hear about the absence of any tar sands talk during the last campaign, or even the idea that the oil lobby was pushing Harper's cause in influential financial circles, and lending it legitimacy. "Of course, you didn't hear about it," said Gore. "Media concentration has taken a toll on democratic principles around the world, and Canada is no exception." http://www.canada.com/calgaryherald/news/story.html?id=c6671bd6-570c-4e6b-8752-bc9fcf57c12e&k=27679 [Proofreader's note: this article was edited for spelling and typos on February 1, 2006]

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