Anti-American Or Pro-Canadian

Posted on Tuesday, January 03 at 00:42 by idslayer
I find it quite unpalatable to think that Canadians are better off to be (not so) slowly poisoned by the unscrupulous practices of Dupont, Monsanto and Ethyl Corporation, to name but a few. To those who would pander to those powers that would so self-servingly foist such toxic products and practices upon Canadians, I beg to ask, "How could you sell yourselves so short?" Canada's resources, products and talents are sought-after, world-wide; we should at least offer them up at fair-market value. And we should have the right to say no to products that science shows are harmful to our health and/or our environment. We are not just a vast pool resources to be exploited without due consideration and we are not simply a "target" market to be exploited without due consideration for the safety and well-being of our population. Nor are Canadians a resource-pool for experimental drugs (55 % of health-care costs are pharmapsudical). Our research, compromised by for-profit partnerships, focuses on symptom-alleviation rather than identifying causes - Are Canadians simply a "target" market? An expendable resource? Lambs to be slaughtered? So long as the mainstream media keeps ignoring our alternatives, I'd say we're more like frogs, slowly being boiled alive... Yours very truly, David Thomson

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