Temp Workers For Timmies

Posted on Thursday, November 16 at 10:24 by eugene
And the result is more deaths in the construction industry which is benefiting from this boom and the use of underskilled labour. $345,000 fine a record-breaker The most recent accident involved a 16 year old who should have been in school not working in a trench on a construction site. But the temptation to make big bucks in Alberta's construction boom economy is too great. And in a conservative hands off business province like Alberta, regulations and legislation around worker rights and health and safety are not only woefully inadequate, they are not enforced. Relaxed Foreign Worker Rules Will Lead to More Abuse of System says AFL "Streamlining" is Shorthand for "Letting Employers Do What They Want" http://plawiuk.blogspot.com/2006/11/temp-workers-for-timmies.html

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