“Who Will Speak For Canada?”

Posted on Monday, January 16 at 13:44 by FurGaia

Throughout its history Canada has faced two reoccurring perils -- the danger of assimilation into our powerful southern neighbour and the threat of internal breakup.

In my view, this is an important election that we are involved in today. There are serious dangers, I think, for our country. One of the big winners in this election is going to be the separatist movement in the province of Quebec.

In triggering an election at this time, both Mr. Harper and Mr. Layton were prepared to play with the fires of Quebec separatism in an attempt to increase their own positions in the House of Commons. It is a dangerous and a short-sighted effort that could hurt our country badly and give a powerful momentum to those working very hard to take our country apart.

If Mr. Harper wins a minority government, he will be governing with the support of the Bloc, a party whose primary aim, whose number one platform position, is to take Quebec out of Canada. It is not hard to see what the quid pro quo will be. Mr. Harper has said openly that he is prepared to weaken the national government -- the only institution that speaks for all Canadians -- and hand out more of its powers to the provinces. Well, the Bloc will certainly be right there with him on that.


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