Census Collection Called A 'screw-Up'

Posted on Monday, July 31 at 13:49 by rearguard
"It was such a screw-up from the beginning," said Brian Horgan, who worked as a census enumerator before calling it quits last Friday. "It's so disorganized -- it's embarrassing, actually."

To date, more than 300,000 census forms remain outstanding in B.C. -- a figure significantly higher than the number not returned in 2001, said Jerry Page, western regional director for Statistics Canada, said B.C.'s return rate on this latest round of census forms was among the lowest in the country.

That year, he said, "B.C. led the nation in terms of mailed response."

Page said the government had banked on a figure of 400,000 households left unreturned 10 days after the May 16 deadline, out of a total of 1.7 million. Instead, they found themselves short more than 800,000 forms.

The exact reason for the low return rate isn't clear, he said. But, "if there was a cause or something out there that was driving this, I would say there was an apathy."

Since May, Page said, the government has spent millions of dollars encouraging residents to return their forms through splashy media advertising campaigns, and hiring hundreds of door-to-door census enumerators.

"People should know this is costing them, the taxpayers, a lot of money to follow up," he said.

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Rearguard writes: Apathy? We've been everything BUT apathetic! No mention of the well known census protest which started way back in 2003. Either these people are out of touch with realty, or the propaganda machine is gearing up into targeting us apathetic and costly bums with painful fines to get us filling out the forms.

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