The Metamorphosis And Sabotage Of Canada By Our Own Government

Posted on Monday, February 27 at 05:00 by Milton
- meaning free trade for the corporations and no tolerance for competition from small local workers and "free from regulations and controls that protect consumers and the public generally, including protections from theft of the commons."

- meaning the safety of corporations to monopolize food production and eliminate products that complete with drugs etc.

- meaning sickness care.


    "The tools for the police state are "anti-terrorist" laws."

    One disturbing aspect of the above was the rapidity of "anti-terrorist" laws that materialized just after the 911 incident. Not only that but these were than implemented uniformly across US, Canada and Australia. There is no way such comprehensive and complicated laws could have been developed in such a short time span, hence it appears they must have been in works much before 911 and by a central body!

    "The effect is to trick the people into believing this process is something good for us. But if you read carefully, you can identify that the regime change is all about the greed of an elite few. In order to manipulate us into accepting the regime change, they pretend it will protect us from “terrorists”. Terrorism has become the external threat, the bogey- man replacing Communism, just as Moslems have replaced Jews as scapegoats.."

    "By examination of the arrangements and deals happening under our noses but by stealth, we can see that our worries expressed over the years are coming to fruition. The globalizers are well into the process of implementing a clear regime run by them, about them, for them, and enforced by governments. The masses of people do not count except as cannon fodder in the wars of conquest and as slaves for the production process."

    Connie Fogal, head of the Canadian Action Party, the originator of this article is interviewed on THE GRASSY KNOLL BROADCASTS. She discuss sovereignty issues in the face of the behind-the-scenes dealings by the Council on Foreign Relations, Canadian Council of Chief Executives and Consejo Mexicano Asuntos Internacionales, which seek to create a North American Union. The one hour audio (13 meg Mp3 file) is for about a week only. So download it now!(right click and select "save link as") This is a must listen and read!

    Following are some books discussed in the interview

    : A searchable online version

      (free ebook)
        The Globalization of Poverty and the New World Order by Michel Chossudovsky Chris Gupta


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