After 15 Jan. 2007, US Citizens Can't Leave Without Permission Of Homeland Secur

Posted on Tuesday, November 07 at 10:13 by northspirit
No wonder the US is planning for even more concentration camps to expand its gulag of more than 2.2 million prisoners, already 25 per cent of the prisoners held in the entire world. For a story on these new rules of US "Homeland Security", see the article "Over the Line" by Sara Robinson at the Orcinus log of articles by journalist David Neiwert: To help illustrate the significance of these measures preventing US citizens from leaving, the above article has an extensive and shockingly relevant quotation from the book: "They Thought They Were Free: The Germans, 1933-45" by Milton Mayer. There should be little doubt now that the US is far down the fascist and neo-Nazi pathway. This note is by Dr Les Sachs, who is a political refugee from the US in Brussels, Belgium (

Note: http://dneiwert.blogspo... http://dr-les-sachs.tri...

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