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Posted on Saturday, February 18 at 10:58 by eugene
Think HRDC cost overruns and Firearms Registry cost over-runs combined because Ms.Maryantonett Flumian was in charge of both. And she was left in charge of the Liberals new super centralized Services Canada, which aims at cutting current public servants and replacing them with contracted out services. The lack of oversight that HRDC, the Firearms Registry and the DND contracting out operations have suffered from will be now launched on an unprecidented scale under her less then watchful eye. Now ask yourself did Harper just open the exploding box left for him by the Liberals? Sorta like the one called Adscam that Chretien left Martin. Or is it a simple case of Conservative ideology dominating good sense; privatization of public services no matter the cost. Read the article with links:

Note: http://plawiuk.blogspot...

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