Alberta PC's Make Volpe Look Good

Posted on Friday, November 24 at 13:12 by eugene
As well, a blog alleges money from these contracts may have been funnelled through tobacco control lobbyists to Tory leadership contenders. Two others say Carr wanted to move up the government food chain to bigger and better positions. Dunn asks Carr and checks the man's records. Dunn questions Alberta Lung and Kilburn. He can't find anything. Except Dunn does point out that "unlike some jurisdictions, contribution records for leadership campaigns in Alberta are not required to be publicly available." And Dunn can't look at the books of the men who would be premier. In fact, Alberta law specifically excludes delving into dough from leadership bids. The best the financial watchdog can do is lay out all the names and hope the Tory candidates do the right thing. Anything more, says Dunn's findings, "is a matter for the Legislative Assembly to consider." That is, the politicians. Dunn maintains if the contributions were open to the public "it would be very easy to trace." Nothing in Alberta is ever easy to trace, whether it's government pork, insider influence or ballot-box stuffing. All this yarn gets is quick expressions of regret from the Tories and outrage from the opposition. It will all blow over, as usual. Yesterday morning, Dunn's department also talks to the province about the possible running up of expenses on a government credit card in 2004 by the executive assistant to former economic development minister Mark Norris, who is now running for Tory leader. Dunn's department is "quite surprised" they hadn't heard of the allegations and asks government officials why auditors were not told. The answer? They didn't think there was anything to be concerned about. Situation normal." AADAC funds the Anti-Tobbacco lobby who have been lobbying PC candidates with money from the government. And the Conservatives, provincial and federal have the gall to call the federal Liberals corrupt. Ha. Welcome to the One Party State where corruption is just business as ususal for the Alberta Tories. [Proofreader's note: this article was edited for spelling and typos on November 27, 2006]

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