US Cyber Storm Will Test NZíS National Security

Posted on Tuesday, February 27 at 10:59 by jensonj
The first Cyber Storm simulation took place in March 2006, but New Zealandís involvement was small, just a ďtable-topĒ exercise, with simulations of escalating events being represented on paper. This time, there will be an online portal, where scenarios appropriate to our national security will be played out, testing the responses and inter-communication abilities of government organisations such as CCIP, the Defence Force, the Security Intelligence Service and the Policeís electronic crime lab, as well as private-sector maintainers of vital infrastructure such as Telecom and Transpower. Some internet service providers are likely to be asked to be involved as well, says Byfield. As organisations respond to the attacks, the situation will escalate in unpredictable ways. Like a fire-drill, there will be an exhaustive check after the simulation exercise, to see if the right people and agencies were informed at the right time.


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