U.S. Ambassador To Canada Addresses Students

Posted on Friday, January 26 at 12:01 by jensonj
"It's been the policy of the U.S. for many decades," noted Wilson. "The northwest passage is a strait for international navigation. I'm not contesting [Canada's] sovereignty over the land, I'm just saying it's like any other strait." Tuesday also saw the implementation of a new law requiring passengers on any flight over the U.S.-Canadian border to carry a passport. Wilkins dismissed concerns over the potential damage to trade and tourism. "The first phase is the air, and the message is that it can and will work," said Wilkins. "I believe it will facilitate trade and travel because it will be safer and easier. [Now] you only have to carry one document rather than many documents. Over 73 million Americans have passports, and record numbers have been applying for them." The question of how much the relationship of countries' leaders affects their overall relations was raised, and Wilkins was asked to compare Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper's relationship with U.S. President George Bush to that of Harper's predecessors. http://gauntlet.ucalgary.ca:80/story/10949

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