Green's The New Red Scare

Posted on Tuesday, February 06 at 13:04 by 4Canada
"These inconvenient truths'' the ones that make up the real story "would be bad for the cause of international central planning.'' Socialist scheme to suck money out of wealth-producing nations? Bad for cause of international central planning? Dear God, I had no idea. The fight against global warming is a Communist plot! Where have I been? Gunter is on the wacko-winger edge that maintains government has no business forget the bedroom anywhere in the nation. The free market can take care of everything. With Rambo in the boardroom and Dirty Harry looking after law and order, all will be right with the world. He was managing editor of the now-defunct Alberta Report, the Junior Woodchucks Guidebook for the range-fed neocons known as the Calgary School, of whom Harper is the best known in the effete East. There's something deeply nostalgic about the plot they envision, or in Harper's case envisioned before he realized how green the country is leaning while he has a minority. And I mean deeply. It has to do with a kind of Communism that had pretty much gone kablooey by the time Stalin was in flower. It's pure Lenin, when the religion's ambitions were global and nothing but. For decades, the only place all this nefarious "scheming" and "central planning" has existed is in the murky caverns of the paranoid imagination where, to our occasional head-banging astonishment, we discover it flourishes. Kyoto! Who'da thunk it? (It could be the Prime Minister no longer thinks he thought it. It could be he's had a lobotomy. Certainly his Calgary brain trust must think he did, the way he's going around sticking daisies in his hair and dancing barefoot on Parliament Hill.) [Proofreader's note: this article was edited for spelling and typos on February 7, 2007]


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