U.S. Will Come For Our Water

Posted on Monday, November 21 at 15:11 by jensonj
And we should convince private sector research groups to give water a priority. Lougheed is no doubt right -- he's been right on quite a few things, heaven knows -- but is there not a reality here that we should face up to from the start? It's this: If they are confronted with the ruin and depopulation of southern California, Denver and much of the American southwest, where the water shortage would no doubt be worst, are the Americans likely to shrink from just coming and taking the water? How could we stop them? The most fascinating solution to the long-foreseen American water problem has been discussed for years. How real and technologically feasible it is, I don't know, but it is usually presented with impeccable engineering credentials. It makes use of a geophysical oddity of the North American continent, known as the "Rocky Mountain Trench." Alongside the western flank of the Canadian Rockies there runs a 700-mile-long trench, all of it about 2,500 feet above sea level. The trench carries several rivers. From northern Montana to Canal Flats, B.C., it forms the channel of the Kootenay. From Canal Flats to the "Big Bend" of the Columbia, it carries the Columbia. From there, north to Valemount, B.C., it carries the Canoe. From there to Prince George, it carries the Fraser, and from a point northwest of Prince George it carries the Parsnip and Williston Lake which flow into Alberta's Peace River, the Slave River, Great Slave Lake, and the Mackenzie. In other words, the trench accommodates the headwaters of three great river systems -- the Columbia and the Fraser, which flow to the Pacific, and the Mackenzie which flows to the Arctic. It also offers a natural channel from the water-rich lands of the sub-Arctic, directly to the Central Washington (state) Desert on the fringes of the parched American West. http://calsun.canoe.ca/News/Columnists/Byfield_Ted/2005/11/19/pf-1314436.html

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