Canadians' Views Of U.S. Are At Lowest In 25 Years

Posted on Monday, October 31 at 12:13 by jensonj
But her arrival served to remind Canadians of their irritation with the United States. In April, Rice canceled a visit to Canada as a diplomatic rebuke for its decision not to participate in the Bush administration's anti-missile defense system. The decision broke a long tradition of early visits to Canada by incoming secretaries of state. The Toronto Star newspaper noted Monday that Rice visited 39 countries, traveled 167,366 miles and spent 357 hours in the air "before making the 90-minute hop to Ottawa." Martin, though, has been persistent on the issue. "Friends live up to their agreements," he scolded when asked about the U.S. position in a news conference Monday. In a telephone conversation with President Bush on Oct. 14, Martin rejected the U.S. leader's request to negotiate the tariff issue, saying Canada "would not negotiate a win," according to Martin's office.

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