The Deception About Canada's Inability To Fund Our Once Proud Medical Care Syste

Posted on Thursday, January 12 at 08:18 by forrwen
What kind of admission is that ? And what does it really mean? It tells us that Paul Martin is a willing participant and major player in the international financial regime being imposed on the world by the IMF, (International Monetary Fund) and by the World bank. It tells us that he is submitting Canada to the regime of "structural adjustments"- the process of removing government from its role in the economy- and "privatization"- the process of wholesale sellout of public assets and government responsibilities. Since 1995 the Liberal government has progressively starved our medical system of necessary funding while simultaneously permitting a disinformation attack on our public health care system which attack promotes a "private system." In the process, communities across Canada are losing their publicly built and paid for hospitals. Some are being sold for a pittance of their value to private interests. Other publicly built hospitals sit idle and empty waiting for sale. Some like a wing of Vancouver's General Hospital have a large publicly paid for expensive addition fitted with expensive equipment, but unstaffed and unused. Private special operating clinics from eye surgery to hip replacements are popping up over Canada even though they contravene the principles of our once proud medical system which disallowed privatization. Now, the rich can avoid the waiting lists and possible deaths which have now become the unnecessary fate for too many Canadians. Read more: [Proofreader's note: this article was edited for spelling and typos on January 12, 2006]

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