Canadian Anglicans Weigh In On Primates' Warning To U.S. Church

Posted on Friday, February 23 at 14:22 by jensonj
Rev. George Sinclair, co-chair of the conservative Essentials group and rector of St. Alban the Martyr church in Ottawa, said in an interview that he would like to see the Anglican Church of Canada “embrace wholeheartedly” the view that homosexuality is contrary to Scripture and to Christian teaching. “If they don’t, we hope that they will respect the conscience and livelihood of Canadians who are biblically-minded,” he said. He noted that Canada was cited in the primates’ communiqué as one of two sources (the other being the U.S. Episcopal Church) of a breakdown in relationships in the worldwide Anglican Communion. (In Canada, the Vancouver-based diocese of New Westminster has voted to allow parishes to offer blessing services for gay partners. In the U.S., the national church approved the election of Bishop Gene Robinson, who is gay, by the diocese of New Hampshire. Several U.S. dioceses also permit same-sex blessings.) Looking toward Canada’s General Synod, Mr. Sinclair said he thinks “there are many dioceses and a very powerful segment of the Anglican Church of Canada deeply committed to going in the direction of New Westminster.” The convention, he said, “might have a fudge. They might try to allow it (a ‘local option’) on the grounds of moving forward while making the appearance of not doing so - try to do both at the same time.”


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