Fear Of U.S. Retaliation Prompts Ottawa-B.C. Fight Over Weapons Range: Author

Posted on Monday, November 06 at 11:25 by jensonj
The book alleges that the Chretien government worried that the American response to B.C.'s threatened closure of the Nanoose ocean range in the spring of 1997 could be "out of proportion," and lead to punishing trade sanctions, similar to what New Zealand faced in the 1980s for similar defiance. "Rumours began to circulate of a covert attempt to undermine the government," Clearwater writes. Nowhere does Clearwater present evidence the U.S. made direct threats, but he paints a picture of an almost paranoid reaction among Canadian officials and decision-makers. The book also chronicles the 1970s testing of the U.S. artillery shell that was meant to carry the neutron bomb, as well as tests involving cruise missiles and the B-2 stealth bomber. Foreign Affairs officials refused to be interviewed for the book, he said. http://www.canada.com/components/print.aspx?id=fb92927f-2cb7-44bd-a8f0-f76a2d63b450&k=62296

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