Declare War On The Nationalist-Globalist Class

Posted on Saturday, January 28 at 07:33 by Milton
...The Remainder

The Fractional Class (FC) occupies the second tier of American society. These are the millions of remainders -- those Americans who are nothing more than temporary renters in the behemoth domestic and global system run by the NGC. They own tiny fractions of the stock and housing markets. They have minor input in their respective workplaces. They volunteer on weekends at the local homeless shelter. They go to dinner and a movie once a week and find solace in television entertainment. They must borrow heavily from the NGC to make their lives and those of their children work. In their homes, they argue over invoices/bills at least once a week.

Yet, The FC is not easily labeled as conservative, liberal, idealistic, realistic, republican or democrat, nor do they want to be. They want to be countrymen and women who are respected for their love of life and community, their tolerance and strength, the flexibility to adapt to change, and the recognition that making a profit or entering the military is not the highest calling in life.

The FC overflows with those who know that the NGC is destroying the social compact of American society, the environment, local communities and the community of nations. The FC understands that America must talk to the world and, moreover, take care of its own people ravaged by natural disasters and under the care of sick political leadership. They are the bloggers, the community activists, the artists, the realtor's, the cooks, the temporary workers, the unemployed poor, the working poor, the poor middle class, and the upper middle class that has gone as far as it can go. They are opposed to low wages, raped pensions and benefits, free markets that are non-free, racism, homophobia, collapsing infrastructures, religious intolerance, war, dependence on foreign nations, the police state, the lies, the staged debates/speeches, religious leaders who preach from palaces, corporate/government intrusions into their homes, and “freedom” as administered by the NGC.

The FC is hungry for change, for a new social compact, for taking chances. They are frustrated, angry and fearful of the future and are very afraid to take a stand against the NGC. But in them lies the only hope for breaking the NGC and ushering in a new era of possibilities.

The Final Solution: Theirs or Yours The time for preferring the penned and spoken word over the sword of action is coming to an end. The NGC’s Long Wars, as annunciated in the Pentagon’s recent Quadrennial Defense Review (didn’t Sun Tzu said there is no instance of a nation benefiting from prolonged warfare?) that embrace fascism, torture, and assassination will become the norm rather than the exception. As the public listens to the beat of the war drums, the political and economic assassination of social programs and other elements of the nation's infrastructure are taking place. By the time Americans turn their attention to the rape and pillage of pensions and benefits, it will be too late. Absent those, they will be forced to work -- till they drop dead on the job.

All of this has been covered over and over again and reported on the Net via Blogs, Portals, foreign news outlets, and -- to a degree -- the MSM (as here in this piece). Now it's all repetitive messaging. Now is the time for action, for The FC to mobilize and develop a plan that focuses solely on the state and local levels.

The NGC’s machinery must be broken and crushed. Here are some suggestions.

Read the full article at the Live Journal. [Proofreader's note: this article was edited for spelling and typos on January 29, 2006]

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