Canadian Teens Claim Immunity Over Vandalism In Israel

Posted on Wednesday, January 17 at 09:39 by RPW
And we as citizens expressed further outrage when said diplomat was given what amounted to a "severe scolding". Considering how our current Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, has embraced Israel and all things Israeli, I would expect that the teenagers in question will likely be tried under our terrorism laws. Perhaps they will even be sent to Syria, as was Maher Arar (who was only under suspicion). Or will they be tried at all? Which diplomats' families do they belong to? Is (does one suppose) the "fix" in? Will the diplomats in question "do the right thing", offer recompense, a public apology, and resign as a matter of principle? Or is this the least we will hear of this "regrettable" incident? [Proofreader's note: this article was edited for spelling and typos on January 17, 2007]


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