BC's Big Outsourcing Bet-Last In A 4 Part Series

Posted on Saturday, October 22 at 15:59 by 4Canada
So he's frustrated by BC Hydro's decision under the BC Liberals to eliminate the "15 percent rule", which allowed Hydro to pay that much more than the lowest bid on a tendered contract if it kept the work in B.C. Sinclair sees the move as indicating the BC Liberals' disregard for B.C.-based employment. Pick an issue -the Terasen gas utility's sale to a U.S. company, BC Ferry construction contracts with German shipyards, public service outsourcing deals with multinationals Accenture, IBM, and Maximus - Sinclair isn't happy with provincial government policy. He believes the government is ceding control over our economy and our good jobs to international corporations. "If you ask the public whether jobs should stay in British Columbia," Sinclair says, "and whether they should be good-paying jobs, and whether there should be rules and regulations that protect work in British Columbia, the vast majority would say yes." The depth of the gulf between Sinclair and the government, however, becomes completely apparent only when he says that when companies decide where to operate they look first at the nature of your workforce. "It doesn't matter what your tax structure is." http://www.thetyee.ca/News/2005/10/21/outsourcingbet/

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