Analysis: Bush's Iran Stance Echoes Iraq

Posted on Monday, February 05 at 11:01 by jensonj
It is suggesting Iran is sending weapons to Iraq, yet offering no evidence the supplies can be traced to Tehran. There are whispers, too, that Iranian intelligence agents were behind the recent abduction and execution of five U.S. soldiers. Iran is the ``axis of evil'' country whose nuclear ambitions must be stopped. Iran's president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, is now Bush's primary Mideast nemesis, replacing the late Saddam Hussein. Bush's efforts to rally public support behind his harder line on Iran have many lawmakers and some from the intelligence and defense world wondering if it is a prelude to military activity. ``We are not responsibly in the region if we don't deal with them,'' said Sen. Jim Webb, D-Va. ``And the situation that we have right now where we continue to talk only about the military side - again, it's half a strategy,'' he told ``Fox News Sunday.'' Bush insists he has no plans to invade Iran, only to protect U.S. troops in Iraq.,,-6393288,00.html


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