A Call To Arms

Posted on Thursday, June 03 at 13:49 by Anonymous
Look, I was ready to vote NDP. But the situation has worsened considerably. Let's all be realistic. The NDP don't have a change of forming the government. I want it. You want it. But it's just not there. A protest vote for the NDP will only give more strength to con forces in ridings where the left and right wing vote are close. A few less votes for a liberal could very well put a con into the House. Let's not repeat history and shoot ourselves in the foot like the Right did for the past decade. We just can't afford to split the left wing vote. The cons could very govern this country if the liberals don't get enough seats. If the Liberals and the Cons get an equal number of seats, that parity could be overcome by a bloc and con coalition which would easily overtake a liberal and NDP coalition. I don't much care for the prospect of another liberal government myself, but the prospect of con-bloc coalition government is absolutely frightening.

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