Cellulosic Ethanol

Posted on Saturday, February 11 at 11:12 by Anonymous
Commenting on Bush's speech, Jim Greenwood, president & CEO of BIO, said, "The Advanced Energy Initiative proposed by the President will increase America's competitiveness by providing clean, affordable energy sources that will enable us to lessen our dependence on foreign oil through biotechnology. Using crop wastes, we can produce tens of billions of gallons of ethanol. We could produce 25 percent of our transportation fuel need by 2015 if we dramatically ramp up biorefinery development." Experts predict 2006 will be the tipping point for industrial biotechnology as biological processes replace chemical processes in manufacturing, pharmaceutical and energy production and add value to industries converting to biotech processes. BIO 2006 will present 12 breakout sessions on these increasingly important technologies and their impact on Midwestern states, including topics on biorefineries, the biological production of ethanol, improving renewable fuels, environmental biotechnology and the economics of industrial and environmental technology. Details on these sessions and others at BIO 2006 can be found at http://www.bio.org/events/2006/. http://sev.prnewswire.com/biotechnology/20060207/DCTU01907022006-1.html

Note: http://www.bio.org/even... http://sev.prnewswire.c...

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