ID Theft Victim Fights Back

Posted on Monday, February 26 at 10:12 by jensonj
COLLECTION AGENCIES But within a day of Stafford calling the Sun, she suddenly began getting phone calls Friday afternoon from her branch telling her a letter would be sent immediately and any collection agencies calling her should be referred back to the Bank of Nova Scotia. Stafford's troubles began two years ago on Valentine's Day, when a woman a few decades younger than her walked into a Calgary branch of the Bank of Nova Scotia and used her personal information to withdraw more than $7,000 cash from her line of credit. It was relatively easy, Stafford said, to prove she didn't make the withdrawal. Beside the security camera photos, she had about 20 witnesses to the fact she was in Whitby that day. "I thought that was the end of it," Stafford said. But about six months later, collection agencies started to call saying she owed more than $19,000 to various Calgary businesses. When she went to her bank for help in calling the debt collectors off, she was turned away. "The bank has totally refused to help," she said.


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