Criminal Immigrants

Posted on Sunday, July 30 at 11:23 by Rural
Sandra Gordon is an example of a criminal that Immigration has allowed to stay. Since arriving in Canada in 1972 she has racked up a staggering 57 criminal convictions. And according to the undercover officers who have busted Gordon numerous times, she has made a fortune scamming Canadians. They say she moved over a million dollars out of an account in Canada to an account in Jamaica. After a lifetime of crime, Gordon was ordered deported in 2001. She appealed that order, and five years later Immigration still hasn't decided what to do with her. In the meantime, Gordon was arrested again a few months ago and charged with more than 120 counts of credit card fraud…………………………………. an internal Immigration report obtained by W-FIVE that states: "...removal officers also reported that they are required to meet quotas ... the number of removals ... comes first, not the quality of the work they do." W-FIVE tried to find out how many criminals are at large in Canada waiting to be deported. Immigration wouldn't tell us. And we asked for an interview with Alain Jolicoeur, president of the Canada Border Services Agency and the man in charge of deporting criminals. But he refused. But an Immigration Department report obtained by W-FIVE offers some insight: In 2003, in Toronto alone, 1,704 criminals, ordered out of the country had yet to be deported. Full article at:- [Proofreader's note: this article was edited for spelling and typos on July 31, 2006]


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