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Posted on Wednesday, January 18 at 13:31 by Ed Deak
We fear that we are falling inexorably into the orbit and influence of US militaristic policies and its quest for empire and global domination - including its illegal PNAC inspired 'War on Terror', the war on Iraq, its policies of pre-emptive strike, nuclear proliferation, weaponization of space, potential attack on Iran, and cross border homeland security measures and legislation that infringe on civil liberties, human rights and democratic expression. We are urging all VOW members and all who share our concern to take action in the limited time left before the election to bring these issues into the context of the federal election 2006. To this end we have prepared several related Questions for use during this election period, some suggestions for taking action, and provided links to other Canadian NGO Election Kits and Questions. [Proofreader's note: this article was edited for spelling and typos on January 18, 2006]


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