Bottom Line Of Flaherty's Pitch Is Next Election

Posted on Friday, November 24 at 15:36 by 4Canada
A nervous Prime Minister would have inflated the traditional fall forecast into a mini-budget laced with election-ready campaign promises. Instead, Harper and Flaherty largely limited themselves to rough outline to be filled in later. Still, politicians are by nature cautious and Flaherty did include a safety net. Starting next year, interest savings generated by reducing the national debt will be passed on as reduced personal income taxes. Flaherty says the Tax Back Guarantee now doesn't that read like an election ad? will produce a $700-million windfall in 2007. By 2011, it will be $1.4 billion if Tories are still around and still cutting debt. But four years is forever in politics and it's an open question if the modest dividend from the most recent $13-billion debt reduction will buy many votes. After all, $700 million divided by about 23 million eligible voters comes out at just few pennies more than 30 bucks a ballot.


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